Nils' Fucked Up Day at FringeNYC '11

Supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York

Dixon Place Theatre 161A Chrystie Street (Rivington and Delancey Streets) THIS AUGUST IN NEW YORK CITY:

SUN 14 @ 4:15; MON 15 @ 7; THR 18 @ 7:45; SAT 20 @ 4:15; MON 22 @ 3:45


"Nils' Fucked Up Day [...] is the ideal kind of Fringe show -- funny, ironic, provocative, and well performed." (Dan Bacalzo,

"Combining obscene dialogue with third wave existential rumination, meta-referential staging, and nihilistic destruction, Nils is a perfect example of a truly Fringe show—uncompromised, uncategorizeable, and unforgettable, with little access to the usual channels and no particular sphere of influence, save fearlessness." (Nicole Gluckenstern,

"There's a lot going on in Peca Stefan's work. He has a stellar cast who courageously tackle the language barrier and nonetheless bring the show to life in a memorable way." (Nathaniel Kressen,

"Set against a kaleidoscopic video design by Cinty Ionescu, vigorously directed by the author, and acted with energy in both English and Romanian, the work casts itself disingenuously as “a show of illusion.” Yet its linking of sex and death, its cynicism about globalization, and its conclusion that “Life is a farce” are all too real." (David Rosenberg, Backstage)

"The best part: The pseudo-apologetic curtain speeches delivered by star-in-the-making Radu Iacoban." (Alexis Soloski, The Village Voice)

"[...] the extraordinary writer/director Peca Ştefan and the cast of very talented actors, led by Radu Iacoban as the eponymous Nils, who leads us through three ‘takes’ on his day. His flatmates, family and friends are played by an excellent ensemble Cătălin Babliuc as friend Hans, Mădălina Ghiţescu as flatmate Heidi, Ilinca Maolache as flatmate Lola and Tudor Aaron Istador as uncle Pops." (Julia Barclay, Somewhere in Transition)

One of the 30 Fringe Picks by Time Out New York.